Surety Overview

When a business or contractor uses surety, it is often a sign that they are well-managed and organized. Not all contractors, in particular smaller and newer ones, are fully aware of the benefits of surety bonding. A track record of bonding shows clients that the contractor can be trusted to complete jobs and assignments professionally as agreed, which translates to more contracts and more work.

As surety producers, we will assess your bond application and bonding ability, finding ways to improve or increase bonding ability. We will pre-underwrite bond packages, working with you to reach bond ability until the package can be submitted to the appropriate underwriters. J.P. West will also help negotiate bond terms, pricing and program, close and issue. Once the bond is issued, we will help to analyze your quarterly financials and state of business to maintain bond ability. We will serve as liason between you and the surety, and support proper and complete closeout of the bond.

The surety team at J.P. West can help our clients to access the full range of surety markets and to meet selection criteria for contracts. Whether you are a small or new contractor looking to start bonding or an established firm looking for more competitive or conservative bonding, our team can help. We specialize in helping emerging and small contractors understand the surety bond process and gain access to the surety market. If you would like to get started with surety at J.P. West, feel free to contact us.